Configuring a Domain Name for DNS


This document gives instructions for ourshack members on configuring a new domain name to be hosted at ourshack.

Registering Your Domain Name

The first thing to do is to register your domain name with a domain name registrar. DON'T use a free service - they keep the rights to your domains and make it very difficult for you to move away to a different registrar at a later date. In any case, check very carefully what the terms and conditions are for the registrar you choose and compare their prices with others.

For a list of domain name registrars, see:

If you want a personal recommendation, then some Ourshack members use Gandi:

Others use Mythic Beasts:

Most registrars will run the DNS servers for you, which is convenient for some purposes. If you want complete control of your domain you'll need the names (and possibly the IP addresses) of the nameservers that we use at OurShack. These are as follows:

Configuring named

See the DNS page on the wiki for details.

Slave (Secondary) Nameservers

Domains registered through Mythic Beasts can have slave copies held on their nameservers. Many other registrars are likely to offer similar services.

We have also subscribed to the Mythic Beasts generic DNS secondary service and all are welcome to use it. The current agreement covers up to 250 domains.

Contact one of the Andrews to get your domain added to this service.

There are two nameservers: one in London, one in the US.

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