OurShack Members

Andrew Beattie (andrew-at-tug.com)

Photo of Andrew Beattie
  • Ex kite designer.
  • Wannabe Unix hacker.
  • Proud father of Shona.


Andy Wardley (abw-at-kfs.org)

Photo of Andy Wardley
  • Kite flier/designer
  • Perl Hacker
  • Author of the Template Toolkit
  • Internet Architect
  • Safety Consultant


Jim Cheetham (jim-at-gonzul.net)

Photo of Jim Cheetham
  • *nix hacker
  • Kite flyer
  • Commuting cyclist
  • Photographer
  • Gadget boy (semi-reformed)


Neil Ford (binky-at-kites.org.uk)

  • Kite flier.
  • Postmaster.
  • Horse of death.


Natalie Ford (natalie-at-binky.demon.co.uk)

Photo of Natalie Ford
  • Neil's wife.
  • Web crafter.
  • OurShack web-site maintainer.
  • Kite flier.
  • Person with M.S.


Oliver Smith (oliver-at-kfs.org)

  • Generous admin of kfs.org


Kevin Sangalee (kevin-at-susa.net)

  • Helped with email and with named.


Dom Millar (dm-at-squeeze-da.com)

  • Graphic Designer
  • Director of Squeeze Digital Art
  • Likes Rum and Coke
  • Smashing Bloke


Dave Culp (dave-at-dcss.org)

  • Kite sailor.
  • Mac user.
  • Unashamed to be a Real Estate Agent.


Sam Eaton (sam-at-pavilion.net)

  • System Mangler at Pavilion (Now Easynet South Coast).
  • Kite flier.
  • Photographer.


Andrew Findlay (andrew-at-findlay.org)

Photo of Andrew Findlay
  • Unix/Network/Directory hacker
  • photographer
  • dance organiser
  • finally gave in to temptation and bought a kite at the 2003 Basingstoke Kite Festival


Mark de Roussier

Photo of Mark de Roussier


Matt Brown

Photo of Matt Brown


Nik Butler

Photo of Nik Butler
  • Owner of Wired4Life Ltd
  • Mad 4 Dance
  • Thought a Kite was the ornothological variety
  • Promoted Linux and the Open Source with enthusiasm


Nic Gibson

Photo of Nic Gibson
  • Perl/database/xml monger
  • Database archictect
  • Father of Owen
  • FreeBSD (ab)user
  • Corbas Consulting


Gill Spraggs

Photo of Gill Spraggs


Simon Matthews (sam) (sam-at-applicity.co.uk)

  • Perl Hacker
  • Programmer in many languages
  • User of and thinker about the Template Toolkit
  • System Designer
  • Solver of Problems
  • The voice of reason


Leo Vegoda (leo-at-bind.org)

Jake Dias (jake-at-imdb.com)

Ian Newham (ian-at-ourshack.com)